Dr Alysha Thriscutt – Owner and Veterinarian

The Vet and The Van was established in 2021 by Dr Alysha Thriscutt, a veterinarian who has spent her career living and working in Hobart. After seeing how anxious many pets were in vet clinics, she decided to find another way to provide quality veterinary care without all the extra stress, in the comfort and convenience of people’s home.

Alysha is happiest when treating our senior dogs and cats. She is passionate about improving the comfort and quality of life of our older pets and providing them with a dignified end of life experience. She has completed additional studies with the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care in the USA and is a certified Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian.

Outside of work Alysha can often be found bushwalking, on a pottery wheel or at a cafe admiring the old dogs that walk past.

Jen Pelham- Veterinary Nurse

Jen has been a vet nurse for over 10 years and we are so lucky to have her on our team. She has a particular gift with nervous cats who often trust her calm and skilled ways.

She has her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing and is Fear Free Certified. She works hard to ensure all consultations are as low stress as possible.

Jen and Alysha have been friends for many years and love working together. Jen is also an amazing wildlife illustrator and, on the weekends, can usually be found drawing, diving or picking up rubbish at the beach.

Dr Kellie Waltran- Veterinarian

Kellie was born and raised in Tassie and has spent her career here working in a mix of small animal, shelter and emergency medicine.

She shares our passion for improving the quality of life of our senior pets and in creating peaceful end of life experiences for them at home. This was emphasised after the loss of her beautiful old Border Collie, Ella.

Jen, Kellie and Alysha met at work many years ago and have been good friends since. Outside of work Kellie enjoys mountain biking, skiing and bushwalking.

Mabel – Business CEO (2009-2023)

Queen Mabel was Dr Alysha’s geriatric rescue dog who was the beneficiary of much of her research and study on the care of old pets.

She enjoyed spending her mornings plodding around the neighbourhood, her days napping, and her afternoons eagerly awaiting 4pm (on the dot) when she got her dinner.

She died in April 2023 and her memory lives on everyday in this business, in our passion and love of senior pets and in how we practice veterinary medicine. She is dearly missed.

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