Yes, Dr Alysha treats only dogs and cats. Whilst she does like rabbits, she is also very allergic to them and usually ends up in a sneezing mess when she tries to treat them.

Yes, someone needs to be at home for the consult to allow us to get a thorough history and formulate a health care plan for your pet.

Whilst we do not offer after hours call outs we can work around your schedule and can often visit before business hours if necessary.

If you’re the parent of a nervous, anxious or aggressive pet then please contact us to see if we can help.

We can assess your pet at home and sometimes just being in a familiar environment and having extra time to go slow is enough to allow examination.

In other cases, your pet may benefit from anti-anxiety or sedation medication prior to a visit to reduce their stress and allow safe handling and examination.

Please be aware that multiple visits are sometimes required, as we cannot dispense medication without first seeing your pet.

In case of an emergency or if your pet is very unwell, please contact a regular veterinary clinic or Animal Emergency Service (AES).

AES now provides 24/7 care. Contact them on 1300 302 912 or drive directly to their clinic at 37 Derwent Park Road, Moonah 7009.  

We are not an emergency service.

Payments can be made via cash, direct debit, or EFTPOS.

For appointment bookings or enquiries